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What does be2 actively do for your security?

1. AI analysis

Starting from the registration process, we use artificial intelligence to detect fraudulent members. This AI is an algorithm that uses machine learning to find and report suspicious activities (such as phishing*, sextortion*, scamming*, etc.).

2. Email security

All members must verify their email address to use our dating platform. If this does not happen, a connection will not be confirmed and they will not appear in any other member match lists.

3. Verification & manual testing

We assign great importance to the manual verification of profiles and photos by our well-trained operators. This happens through random verification samples and reported profiles. If these profiles are found to be suspicious, they will be blocked and further examined or deleted.

4. SSL encryption

Our servers are SSL encrypted for your security. Always look for the SSL certificate in the browser address bar in the top left.

5. Active participation by the member

Did you notice something? Something doesn't feel right? A profile shows anomalies that our AI and the manual check have not detected? Then please report the profile to us as soon as possible!

As a member, you have the opportunity to report other members if any fraudulent activities such as phishing*, scamming* or sextortion* is suspected. Activity that does not comply with our Terms and Conditions, which must be read and acknowledged by each member, can and should be reported.

Reporting a member is very simple. Click "Report Member" just below their profile photo to start the reporting process. Reports are anonymous and treated confidentially. The reported member will never know that you reported them.

Should it happen that you have to report a case to the police, we will support you and the inquiries of the police to the best of our ability.

What you can actively do to ensure your security on be2

1. Do not switch platforms

To securely communicate with your matches and partner suggestions, stay on be2. Do not switch from be2 to third-party sites or Chat-apps such as private emails, Skype, WhatsApp etc.
Only use these platforms if you absolutely trust the other person. Better yet, stay on be2 as this allows all communications to remain traceable and reduces the risk of fraud, scams, sex scams or phishing*.

2. Do not give out any personal information

Your data is safe with us. Whether it's your nickname, your telephone number or your email address: all this data is valuable and you should treat it with the utmost care. Never pass this information on to strangers or to new acquaintances.
If, despite our warning, you decide to pass on your personal information, it will be at your own risk; be2 is not responsible if you disclose your personal information.

3. Check regularly if you are using the correct be2 website

Always make sure that the correct be2 URL with SSL certificate is visible in the browser address bar on the top left. Never click on links sent to you in chats. If a member insists on receiving your personal information or wants you to move outside of our platform, consider this a red flag and exercise extra caution. We cannot control what happens outside of our platform.

4. How to immediately spot scammers, sextortion and phishing

Defending against all of these techniques is not easy, but there are some red flags that can be spotted.


Phishing for addresses is the first step. This mostly happens with links that cannot be decrypted beforehand and have been shortened by link shortening services. In such a case, always check the entire URL and do not click on unfamiliar links.


A scam, i.e. fraud, normally aims to get at your finances. This can take different forms. Scammers usually pretend to be the prince charming or the cute princess in order to make the target fall in love with them. The first phase is excessive romance. It usually lasts a few weeks. They aim to get personal information such as telephone numbers and the like. This phase is usually followed by an initial monetary claim, usually a small amount, due to an accident, loss of a wallet, or an emergency. After the first demand for money is met, larger and larger amounts are suddenly demanded from the target person. Always with the promise that the money will be returned. Unfortunately, this is not the case, and the scammer simply disappears with the target’s money.

Sextortion* – Extortion with photos and Videos

With Sextortion, the target is blackmailed. In phase one, trust is built. This trust may be used to produce nude photos, nude masturbation photos, nude sex photos, nude videos, or even sex tapes featuring the target. These materials are later used as leverage to extort money from the target. Never send such files to strangers. Always be careful.

Online Security with be2

We constantly do everything we can to prevent scammers from registering on be2. Since the cyber criminals have unlimited IPs (login addresses) and email addresses, even a secure portal like be2 cannot prevent every login. Unfortunately, we are not alone in this, because scams exist on all dating platforms, other dating sites and online services.

Safety is always our top priority. We are always on the cutting edge of technology as the online world faces new challenges every day. We're committed to fighting online scams on our dating site and we're doing it together with our members.

Our request to you: Be careful, do not disclose any personal data. Only conduct your chats & conversations on our platform.

Thank you.

Your be2 security Team.

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